The Washington Consulting Group, Inc. (WCG) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Academy are the only entities in the United States with TRAINAIR PLUS membership.
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Training Objective

At Washington Consulting Group, Inc. (WCG), our training objective is to effectively deliver predictable, high quality results that enable clients to improve their planning ability, increase individual and organizational effectiveness, and meet the constant challenge of an increasingly complex environment.

This training objective supports our three overall corporate goals:

  • Provide high-quality products and services
  • Employ high-quality professionals
  • Develop long-term, successful client relationships
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Our Process

The foundation of our training development and delivery process is our internal quality and training standards; an Instruction System Design (ISD) Model; and industry tools, particularly the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standards and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) development guide.

During the training development phase, we apply these internal, industry, and quality standards to the unique needs, culture, and competency-based requirements of each client. During the delivery phase, we use them to ensure our training programs are continually benchmarked, tracked, reviewed, assessed, and improved.

Range of Courses

WCG offers a broad range of air traffic management courses developed against ISD standards. This training includes:

  • Air traffic controller training for ab initio, aerodrome, approach control (procedural and radar), and area control center (procedural and radar)
  • Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) training
  • ICAO Aviation English
  • Air traffic controller supervisor/management training
  • Air traffic controller specialist training, including airspace and procedures, safety management systems, security, crisis response, and quality assurance

Systems integration


ISO 9001:2015

WCG is ISO 9001:2015 certified for our quality management system’s demonstrated ability to meet our customer expectations and deliver customer satisfaction. WCG and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Academy are the only entities in the United States with ISD Model training. When WCG develops training, it attested to our high standards in developing, delivering, and advancing aerospace training in full compliance with the new ICAO guidelines.